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Sabah Tea Garden

Hello hello readers! I hope everyone has had a pleasant March so far. I know I have :)


Yes, Sabah Tea Garden!!!! *majestic sound effects*

We were invited for a 2 days 1 night stay from the 3rd to 4th of March, and were hosted by Melidin and Tenny of the Sabah Tea management. Our journey to Ranau began at 8am, as there was already a schedule prepared for us from the management which involved various activities. The highlight of our activity on Saturday was the shooting that the NTV7 crew were going to do. We were informed that NTV7 is shooting a new television show, Tea Tracker, and we were asked to be part of it as visitors to Sabah Tea to showcase what activities are available for prospective visitors.

To keep myself distracted, I was camwhoring (I know, vain! can't help it) for the first 30 minutes of the journey while everyone else was chitchatting. 30 minutes? Really, Precious? *yes, you may roll your eyes at me. you are most welcomed to do so*

Actually, I got Queenie to join me, so that I won't look like a loner. LOL
Mukrim decided to join us girls for a snap ;)

The journey to Ranau took us 2 hours plus. By the time we got to Sabah Tea Garden, we were just in time for lunch! Oh, how everyone was starving! Despite the hunger, we still managed to snap photos of the restaurant, etc before settling for our lunch. The lunch set consisted of 3 dishes, veggie, black pepper beef and sweet and sour fish. Super yummy! (yes, we were that hungry.) As soon as we finished, we were given our room keys to drop off our bags before heading to the multipurpose hall for the activities.

Initially I refused to participate in the games, but I couldn't stay away. This was where the fun started, with our first activity, which was Batik printing. We were provided with a cloth that has a picture waxed onto it and were given the necessary tools to colour it to our liking. Everyone was able to unleash their creative side into their Batik prints.

Yes, I was right behind when James took this photo. :p
My first time, not too shabby ey? teehee
Can't recall who's artwork this is.

We then proceeded with the Sukaneka Games (various sports related activities). Before that, Tenny divided us into two groups with 5 person in each. The first game was 'Si Buta Mencari Selipar', followed by a 5 in 1 game, namely; 'Makan Oren', 'Tiup Tepung', 'Kupas Bawang Putih', 'Tiup Belon' and lastly, 'Ekor Monyet'. * translations can be found at the bottom of page, above contact details. It was really hilarious seeing everyone play these games, it got everybody acting like little kids, even Jennety, Beron and Mariam. ;D

Si Buta Mencari Selipar

The opposing team.

My team. B)

Tenny explaining the ground rules of the game.

Overall, everyone enjoyed the games session. I hadn't expect it to be that tiring, but it was. We retreated to our own rooms soon after to get ready for dinner and the next shooting scene, in the Long House. NTV7 began shooting around 7.30pm and it included the dancing scenes, whereby Adrian Jalaludin (the host) participated in the 'Sumazau' and 'Magunatip' dance. During the 'Sumazau', a few of us were asked to join as well. The shoot then ended with the 'Magunatip' and off to dinner. We then had karaoke session, where I literally sang my heart out (I'm really a great bathroom singer). ;p

The next morning, we were suppose to catch the sun rise, but alas, it was raining heavily. We skipped to breakfast and the tea factory tour right after, where Melidin guided us in the process of tea-making and what makes a good tea. We ended our session with group photos, and I must say, by the end of it all, I was really exhausted. You don't realize it until after you've left the place. The hosts were really hospitable, and I'm grateful to have been given such a chance to experience Sabah Tea Garden with them. Thank you! :)

Miscellaneous photos:

Adrian trying out the 'Magunatip' dance.

Malay words translations:
'Makan Oren' - Orange Eating Competition
'Tiup Tepung' - Blowing Powder or Flour
'Kupas Bawang Putih' - Peel the garlic
'Tiup Belon' - Blow Balloons
'Ekor Monyet' - Monkey's Tail
'Si Buta Mencari Selipar' - The blind looking for his/her slippers (blindfolded in this case)

TEA GARDEN (Visitor Check-In & Restaurant)
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Address 1: Lot 83, Lorong Mega, Off Jalan Kilang, Sedco Industrial Estate, 88450 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.
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